Leah's Story

Her sophomore year of high school, Leah met a boy and fell in love. Regardless of her being a headstrong, independent, and intelligent young woman, Leah fell into the boy's trap. He became verbally abusive, then physically, and ultimately sexually. He controlled her life for nine months in their relationship. It took Leah four attempts to break up with the boy, and when she finally did, she hadn't even begun to imagine the horrors that were to follow.

The boy began to stalk Leah, through websites like Facebook and fake texting apps. He broke into Leah's house and threatened the safety of her entire family. He continued to terrorize Leah and her family until he was put into jail two years later. He was sentenced with two years in prison, but was let out a year early.

In high school, Leah choreographed a dance solo entitled "Unnamed". The solo includes a video projection of herself in the background. This solo was Leah's first step in using dance as a vessel to share the tragedy of abuse she experienced. She discovered that dance was a way to "make an ugly story beautiful", and that began her quest for righting the wrongs done by her abusive ex. 

Watch the video here: