"Abuse is an ugly story. When I dance, I make it beautiful. Turning ugly into beautiful forces people to listen. They will learn. They will accept, and ultimately, they will help." -Leah Zeiger, Founder


The Sunflower Project (TSP) is a multimodal artist organization based in Chicago, IL. Founded by Leah Zeiger, the company primarily uses dance, with help from film and music, to educate people about sexual assault, domestic violence, and dating abuse. TSP focusses on young adults, specifically middle school through high school. 



The Sunflower Project uses dance techniques to help heal survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and dating abuse. TSP also uses methods used in film and writing to facilitate a healing space for survivors.


The Sunflower Project puts on events in tangent with other existing organizations that host films and performances in order to educate and heal. TSP creates a safe space for all people to explore authentic expression in relation to survivorship.