"This is a film I wish I had not been able to make. I would give anything for our daughter Leah to never have met that boy, for her to have had the idyllic teenage experience that dreams and myths tell us is out there. It isn’t.

What Leah went through, from start to finish, was a textbook case of abuse. Only problem is she never read the textbook. It’s not in the curriculum for fifteen-year-old girls in this country. Or boys for that matter. Doesn’t count on test scores. As young girls and boys grapple their way into the world of sex and relationships, who is showing them the roadmaps? There is no sex education in schools, let alone relationship education. The puritans, fanatics and “reformers” have seen to that. But there are plenty of sadistic pornographers on the internet who are more than willing to tell boys what to do to girls. Healthy sex? Healthy relationships? You’re on your own, kid. Good luck. And by the way, if it goes bad–like, really bad–keep it to yourself. We don’t want to hear it.

But Leah did an amazing thing. Isolated, shunned by friends, she took her searing pain and turned it into a dance. 'I have to make something beautiful out of this' was her mantra. And three years later she and I sat down in front of cameras to tell her story. Out of that came this film. Nothing fancy. No tricks. Just the story. A story that has been repeated far too many times and for far too long, yet remains untold.

This is a film I wish I had not been able to make. But I couldn’t be more glad that I did. It’s a story that demands to be told and told over and over again. It’s a story that needs to be dragged out of the shadows kicking and screaming. Leah, a dancer and choreographer, is dedicating her life to using her art to support, strengthen and heal teenage girls facing the same nightmare she went through, and to prevent that nightmare from starting. Nothing could be more beautiful."

-David Zeiger, Director, "Untold"