The Sunflower Project
Helping survivors turn towards the sun
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Leah Zeiger

Leah Zeiger, Founder/Artistic Director

After Leah's abusive relationship, it became clear what she needed to do with her dance career. Using dance to share her story has been extremely fulfilling and healing as well as rewarding in hearing about the healing affects her dance has had on other survivors. Leah founded The Sunflower Project in the beginning of 2016, hoping to use dance and other forms of art to express her own abusive relationship that will, ultimately, teach high schoolers about the possibilities and threats of abusive relationships, as well as give an empowering, healing voice to survivors.

In 2013, Leah's dance Unnamed received the PTSA Award of Excellence. In 2016, Leah's documentary Untold won the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary as well as the Storytelling Award at the Chicago Feminist Film Festival and at DocYourWorld, respectively. 

In 2016, Leah and Cassandra collaborated together to create Prescribed Burn, another solo created for The Sunflower Project.

Leah has been dancing for 15 years. She has studied ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap, and west African. She has studied under Maria DelBagno, Niel Schwartz, Janina Garaway, Paige Cunningham, Darrell Jones, and Margi Cole, amongst others.  You can view samples of her choreography here.

Leah will graduate Columbia College Chicago with honors and a BA in dance in May, 2017.

Leah is always interested in forming new methods of communication and exploration through the body, so please, feel free to contact her directly through our "Contact" page with any thoughts, questions, or brilliant ideas!