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David Zeiger

David Zeiger, Director/Writer/Producer


David Zeiger, Leah's father, has been making documentary films for over twenty years. His films are all deeply personal, even when dealing with big social issues. He has made several films about teenagers, including the landmark PBS series Senior Year that followed fifteen students at Fairfax High in Los Angeles through their last year of high school, and his subjects have ranged from the soldiers who opposed and organized against the Vietnam War to TV comedy writers in their eighties facing the end of their lives.

He has won many awards, but nothing in his career has been more rewarding than collaborating with Leah to turn the story of her struggle with an abusive relationship into a beautiful and powerful piece of art to aid the fight against the scourge of sexual abuse among teenagers. Leah’s strength and determination have been a great inspiration to him, and he hopes it will spread far and wide.

You can read more and see clips from his films here.